Album Review: Tensnake – Glow (New from Rainy Dawg’s Top 50)

avatars-000028414900-yw36pg-t500x500If you’ve been listening to the station for the past few weeks, you might have noticed quite a few new additions to the Rainy Dawg playlist. DJs must play 4 (count ‘em – FOUR) songs and hour from our MASSIVE list of 50 relevant and recent albums. DJs develop their favorite albums on the current Top 50 causing some artists to appear over and over again across shows of all genres and formats. One of our current favorites is Tensnake‘s March release, Glow.

This hypnotic nu-house jam features a dynamic set of vocalists, instrumentations, and 80s-esque dance beats. Check out the sampler below:

Each track brings to light a new approach towards Tensnake’s audience. While one focuses on a catchy chorus and a memorable hook, others draw attention to complex synth riffs or iconic lyricism. Although themes formulate and disperse throughout the album, one element remains; the movement of the rhythm continually progresses throughout the record as each song is more danceable than the last. Despite its lack of a consistent vision, Glow is sure to leave you bobbing your head in a disco-house flashback.

Want the whole thing? Keep listening to Rainy Dawg Radio to catch our favorite tracks or just get the whole album on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, or Insound (for all the Vinyl lovers out there). Be sure to check out Tensnake on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud or

-DJ Desman

About DJ Desman

Hello all! From the smooth movements of jazz improvisation to the bangers of the club, I can rock any booth you throw at me. Besides BLAWGing, I also DJ for UW's very own Rainy Dawg Radio (Wednesday nights from 6-8 on! I hail from the heart of two valleys: Corvallis, OR and Red Bluff, CA. Hit me up on the twitter @Desman3000 for all types of requests/interviews/previews and the like.
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