In-Studio Interview: Goodnight Whisky on Folk U

0002536914_10On Wednesday (April 9), Goodnight Whisky graced the Rainy Dawg Studio on Folk U (Wednesdays 6-8p) for a performance and interview. Unfortunately, the performance was lost in the bits and bytes of our server… but the interview is still here! Check it out in the stream below:

You can hear Goodnight Whisky’s music over on their bandcamp. Be sure to like them on Facebook for updates on upcoming shows and music!

-DJ Desman

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ODESZA Show Preview

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight (both graduates from Western Washington University) are the two individuals behind the electronic music duo of Odesza. Since the release of their first album titled “Summer’s Gone”, the duo has received wide recognition from the music scene. They recently released a new EP, “My Friends Never Die” which consists of trap-influence drum lines and a slight dub twist that come together in create a dream-like soundscape.
“iPlayYouListen” from their debut album is one of my personal favorite tracks as well as the first song I heard from them so check it out! (ODESZA – IPlayYouListen)
If you’re into remixes, Odesza has plenty to offer on their Soundcloud. One of their latest songs featuring Madelyn Grant (pure ear candy!!) was a Top 50 song on Rainy Dawg. Come dance your pants off with Denise and I at Neumos this weekend – Odesza is performing both April 12th and 13th with openers D33J and Kodak To Graph. Tickets are sold out, but being sold on Craigslist! Join in the fun!!!
- Yung Futon and DJ Bearika
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Shooooot. Sasquatch! is fast approaching. So here’s a mega mix of 16 artists that are performing on the first day of the festival. Listen to every track because it’s guaranteed that these songs will be on blast come May 23rd.

Stay tuned because my next post will be a wrap-up of Day 1 of Sassy!



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Hieroglyphics and Hongry: Young Gully’s “93 Til Infinity” (Remix)

a3510591476_2It only took one song from this old-fashioned collection to bring me back to my homeland of Northern California. Pumped full of catchy samples, smooth flow, and occasional call-outs, Young Gully‘s 2010 presentation plays bully with the casual sounds of the cloudy coast of the bay.

Oakland native and mixtape maniac, Young Gully, didn’t hold back when he brought Pep Love and Hongry on the standout track, “93 Till Infinity” (Remix) – embedded below:

The song starts out strong as the Souls of Mischief track blares beneath a series of introductions. As he flips the bird to the camera, Gully sets a laidback tone with an essence of introspection. The music builds and Pep Love hops on without hesitation. As clever as he is boisterous, Pep continues by showing off his rhythmic control against the beat.

Finally, without a second to spare, Hongry fills the air with a flow that bends the limits of measures and time signatures. His dynamic set of lyrics and lines wrap up the track with an accurate representation of Hongry’s life, home, and current struggles (with a couple “gasses” thrown in for good measure).

If you’re in the mood, check out the rest of the tape over at Young Gully’s Bandcamp. While you’re there, be sure to listen to the eclectic collection of singles and mixes among Gully’s “Hustla Movement”.

-DJ Desman

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Artist Profile: Ladybug and the Wolf

As an American experiencing the other side of the pond, I’ve been getting my fair share of French music as of late, and it has been marvelous. Even though I’m content with all of the great electronic artists to be found here, I thought I would defy comfortable routine and find a French band that deviates from the well-known “French touch”. I didn’t have to look any further than my own neighborhood before I stumbled upon a cute, Lyonnais folk duo called The Ladybug and the Wolf.

Picture 2

I gave their EP a listen before I was able to catch a snippet of a quaint set they played at Ninkasi Sans Souci not long ago. They are a perfect example of what I think of when someone says the word “folk”. Their soft vocals, gentle acoustic sound, and pleasantly passive rhythm flow together to create the perfect background track for a relaxing sunny summer afternoon in the countryside.

The duo’s vocals are well balanced throughout the album, though they blend particularly well in “Moods”, my favorite track off the album. Both parts are quite fun and easy enough to sing along with. The track also has an unexplainably memorable quality that places it on par with any other popular folk-pop song you might hear on a commercial. Special treat: listen to “The Valley” and you’ll get a guitar lead that’s similar to another duo’s not-so-folky “tribute”.

Give The Ladybug and the Wolf a listen and let your ears enjoy a bit of fresh air.


“Moods” music video // Twitter: @LATWmusic // YouTube // Soundcloud



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