Dapper Drew – Gunna Need More Than That [Prod. by Itai Shwartz] (New *Local* Music)

Dapper Drew

Dapper Drew does Metro

It’s been two years since Itai Shwartz dropped a 24-hour track. In 2012, in response to Abelton’s call to “Beat the Clock”, Shwartz did just that!

“Even though it was only 24 hours, i really put my all into this. Please listen and any feedback is good!”

Well he must have gotten some fantastic feedback, because today is the day to reveal the result of yesterday’s production-fest. This time, the phenomenal producer brought in Dapper Drew – a man of many flows. His rhythm and lyrics are dynamic at heart as they wax and wane above the carefully calculated pop pump-up beat. In the last 24 hours, these two have created one hell of a 2 minutes and 12 second song:

Needless to say, we’re gonna need more than that. So I asked Drew a few questions about how it all came together. His response:
“We started the beat and the lyrics – like started from scratch – and did it in basically a day”

So where do you go from here? – I inquired,
“We’re coming for Seattle” – he replied.

Stay tuned for more from this delicious duo.

-DJ Desman

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Album Review: Flower Bed – Even If You Don’t Know EP


“We are two friends from California making sounds we’re proud of (◡‿◡✿)”

“100% Organic,” Flower Bed exudes. This dreamy duo that you see above you is from the casual chilled-out central coast of California and consists of uke-performer and vocalist, Regen Williams along with guitarist and vocalist, Patrick Douglas. The San Luis Obispo (aka “SLO Town”) residents independently released their second EP on Saturday. Despite the delay in its release (album art can sometimes take a while), Even If You Don’t Know was well worth the wait! Since Februrary (when their first EP, Home Grown Demos was released), Flower Bed has greatly improved their coherence and listen-ability. For something fun, light, and satisfying be sure to check out the whole EP in the stream below:

Compassionate and rich, the lyrics sway among the undulations of strumming and plucking. The instruments tend to blend together as Williams’ voice lightly soars in a natural rhythm. The tone remains calm with the occasional dip into intensity. Yet, there seems to be a common theme between all the songs, something that was lacking in Home Grown Demos. A stark contrast between the vocalists and instrumentation provides a nice balance among the collection’s variations.

Flower Bed does a great job filling out their sound despite an apparent lack of focus on production. The music itself is much more put together than the last EP – taking cues from the head-bobbing, light-hearted indie-folk/pop that’s become oh-so-popular up and down the west coast. Of these tracks, “Spring Anthem” stands out the most as it clearly articulates the warmth and vibrancy that spring time often brings.

This is really making me miss California; which is why I am so attached to the lovely (and hopeful) track, “You, Me, & the Sea”. In this song, Douglas bears all in his most technically challenging track on the EP. In response, “Sinking of You” favors Williams as a vocalist with its tasteful addition of Patrick’s backup vocals that everyone can sing along to!

So listen-up and keep track of these guys! Their music, like a NorCal wine, only becomes better with age. Check ‘em out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Tumblr.

-DJ Desman

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Artist Profile – The Derevolutions

Now that the sun’s coming out somewhat more frequently, you may be inclined to start listening to some more upbeat tunes. If that’s the case, here’s one band to check out: The Derevolutions. The Boston group have been putting out a steady stream of tracks on their Soundcloud for about the past year, with influences ranging from electronica to psychedelic rock. If there’s one thing their songs all share in common, though, it’s an infectiousness that’s certainly fitting with the sunny weather.

The two most recently release singles, “Now You Know My Name” and “Turning Electric” (which is appropriately tagged as “surf hop”), feature whistling and sing-along-worthy choruses. In other words, they’d make great background music for driving to the beach with your friends or something, or maybe a car commercial featuring such a scene (I mean that in a good way—car companies, take notice). Another track, “Automate Your Soul,” has more dance-y vibes, somewhat reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem. Listen to it here:

While the Derevolutions have yet to release a full album, there’s plenty more of their energetic tunes on their Soundcloud, and you can like their Facebook page for future updates.


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Seeing as we’re less than two weeks away from the big weekend, I’m going to share a music video playlist with y’all for the majority of Saturday’s lineup. 



I know it’s a long mix, but it’s all necessary.


PS- some videos NSFW

PPS- Dude York is coming to Rainy Dawg’s 11th BIRTHDAY FEST, 5/15.  Come thru and catch them before Sasquatch!

PPPS- My all-time Sasquatch! dream is for Daft Punk to show up during Panda Bear’s set to perform one of my favorite songs, “Doin’ It Right”.  CROSS. YOUR. FINGERS.




Stay tuned for Saturday’s Top 6!


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Hey everyone,

I’m new to the Rainy Dawg blog and I thought I’d start off by introducing a bit about myself. My name is Alaine and I’m a UW junior studying Sociology and Spanish. My majors are about as diverse as my music taste, which ranges anywhere from alternative to rap to EDM to rock.

I love exploring and discovering new music, new artists, and new songs.

I’m a very analytical person and I love listening to the messages in songs, and if they’re unclear, trying to figure them out for myself. It’s the best when it feels like a song applies directly to your life or when it has such vague lyrics that it could be interpreted, like art, in many different ways.

So, for my blog posts I will be choosing songs and analyzing the lyrics. I hope to contribute and explore a wide variety of genres. I’ll be providing my own interpretations and opinions, which I’m sure many people will disagree with, but to me that’s the beauty of it.

Feel free to comment on my blog posts with your own interpretations!

So, first, I want to start very briefly with one of my favorite songs right now: “Riptide” by Vance Joy.

While this was released over a year ago (March, 2013) on the album God Loves You When You’re Dancing, I just recently came across it and I love the uplifting vibe the music gives off, contrasted with the feeling it gives me of yearning and searching as though something is missing.

Apparently the song has been said to be about a coming of age love story which could be why it gives off that feeling of yearning.

I’m not a huge fan of the music video however.

I like the literal portrayal of the lyrics, but I feel as though there are aspects that were intentionally meant to disturb or unsettle viewers, at least a little. While this is in itself artistic expression, it’s not my ideal type, but it’s another powerful way the artist can evoke specific feelings in the viewer/listener.

In the future I’ll have more in depth analyses/interpretations.

Don’t forget to comment with your own ideas if you like.




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