Artist Profile: Logic

Another rapper worth following is Logic, aka Sir Robert Bryson II. Logic has put out four mixtapes to his name and this point, garnering critical acclaim for his most recent work, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever. His mixtapes often reference Frank Sinatra, who is one of his many influences. He calls his followers the Ratt Pack, again a reference to Sinatra and his group of singers from the 1960s that included Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin. In addition, he even samples Sinatra tracks in many of his beats. His diverse sampling also includes classic beat from heavyweight artists to laid back piano. But I digress. It was this most recent mixtape that caught the attention of Def Jam Records, who signed him a month after the release. He is now making his first studio album under the label, with none other than No I.D. as executive producer. For Logic, the stars are clearly aligning in his favor.

Logic’s flow is his most remarkable trait. Seemingly god-given, he can fly through lyrics almost without taking a breath, creating an endless torrent of insightful lines. One such example is “Mind of Logic”, off of his first mixtape Young SinatraMost of his tracks exude a sure confidence, clearly laying out how he has the talent and work ethic to back up his never ending rise.  from a 17-year old signed to

The overwhelming mood over all of his tracks is also that of insatiable hunger and drive, which isn’t surprising considering how he has gone nowhere but up. He still represents his original crew, however. He was first picked up by the independent start-up label Visionary Music Group (VMG), whose members he still tours and works with for design, video production, and management. Evidently has not forgetten about where he came from and those who were with him from the start. In this regard he emulates Frank Sinatra in his class and dignity, just a further reason to pay attention to this young man.

All of his music can be found on his website, with links to the free downloads of all of his work and streaming of new singles and collabs with VMG artists.



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