Album Review: fthrsn’s “middle school swag”


About a month ago fthrsn (pronounced father son) released his album “middle school swag” and it’s nothing but the purest “lo-fi bedroom pop”.  The album is one endearing love song after the other and never lets up.  fthrsn drags us through the pastel, bubbly memories of our past, swooning the entire time with far-away vocals.  I have yet to dislike any song on the album while aggressively repeating it over and over.

Influenced by cuttlefish and cuddling, fthrsn makes songs of untouchable sweetness, perfect for listening to in your bedroom.  He belongs to the Ann Arbor based music collective GRL MTN, responsible for producing a remarkable amount of great new artists.

“For those scary times in life when things are changing.”

Spend some money on these lovely seven tracks here.

-Aidan Quinlan

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