Artists Profile: Bearcubs

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Bearcubs is an electronic producer out of London, United Kingdom and he loves garlic mayo.


Unfortunately there’s not much biography information available on Bearcubs, but I’ll let his music and Twitter do the talking.  “Honest”, an EP he just released last month is full of glittery beats and cloudy vocals.  Bearcubs is a part of Cadence Collective, their description is listed on their bandcamp as “a group of artists & friends who strive to create, and spread positive energy; community over competition.”  Many of the guys with Cadence Collective have a similar sound of future garage, downtempo, chillwave, glo-fi vibes.  What Bearcubs is really defined by those is his use of vocals, which are usually faint and very ambient.

The near title track “Honestly” off the new EP is one that stuck out, spanning from ambient and slow to more Com–Truise-y and futuristic near the end.  Starting off with some rain samples, the strings and hazy vocals blend in with the percussion as the song progresses.  Be sure to check the whole EP though for some dreamy tracks, and also Bearcubs Twitterfor some cheap entertainment.

-Johnny Howe

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