Track Review: Giraffage – “Close 2 Me”

Giraffage’s new track “Close 2 Me” is only a teaser for whats to come out next week on his new album “Needs”.  Taking vocals from an old disco track by Cathy Dennis, “Touch Me (All Night Long)”, Giraffage keeps the track slow airy per usual until the end.  With the usual mix of vocal repeats and smooth glitches, these disco vocals become a fresh R&B track with electronic magic signature of Giraffage.  In the last minute when the vocals drop out, the track breaks down slowly and turns into Cathy into an alto until all the beats fade away.


The track gives promise to the new album due out soon on Alpha Pup Records, Giraffage being freshly signed to the label.  Also congratulations to Giraffage himself being hooked with a new label and also being featured on Pitchfork for this new delightful track.  Grab the album this Tuesday online here and also grab his past tracks and albums, most of which are free.


-Johnny Howe

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