Album Preview: Shlohmo’s “Laid Out” EP

Here it is.  We are here.

A few days ago Shlohmo dropped a teaser track for his new “Laid OutEP.

It releases March 5th, so prepare your sweet lil’ head.

But for now, we have this lovely track “Later.

Grinding distorted screams punctuate the track as they echo through the musical canyon that is Shlohmo’s characteristic sound.  Now, while I used words like “grinding” and “screams”, and “canyon”, think not that this hurts your ears, it’s quite the opposite.  I’d say the sensation is more like dipping your head into a sea of black velvet (this is a good thing).

He is touring this spring with D33J, but the closest he’ll get is Vancouver, BC on February 28.

In short, just listen to this track, anticipate the EP, and potentially hoof it up to Vancouver to hear this cat live.  He’s sure to make your bones quake.


Check out his music collective, Wedidit, for related artists and nice tunes.

Get tickets for his Fortune Sound Club show here.


-Aidan Quinlan

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