Today in Jazz History: November 16th

Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet is the debut record by the Miles Davis Quintet. Recorded on this day in 1955, this album showed off a mixture of pop and jazz standards which were relatable and enjoyed during this decade. Unlike Coltrane, who would develop rapidly within the next year, Miles was already very much in his prime, sounding quite lyrical on “Just Squeeze Me” and “There Is No Greater Love,” and the classic rhythm section (pianist Red Garland, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Philly Joe Jones) was quickly starting to gel.

The fluidity and coordination showcased on Miles speaks not only of the performers but their generation as well. This album led to The New Miles Davis Quintet’s eventual success with others’ songs. The repertoire included many bebop mainstays, standards from the Great American Songbook and the pre-bop era, and some traditional tunes.


Although the Quintet was disbanded in 1957, the impact that they had on the Jazz world can still be seen today. From Miles’ long, legato, and essentially melodic lines to Coltrane’s contrasting, high energy solos, this record stands alone as the first voice of a very vocal group.


- DJ Desman

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