Rainy Dawg Applications.

Since we won’t be back online until late September to all you folks hoping to apply for DJ/volunteer positions here is the application. Fill this out and send it out to am@rainydawg.org



First Name:
Last Name:

Applying to be involved at Rainy Dawg Radio as:
[] On-Air Personality (DJ)
[] Street Team
[] Audio Production
[] Freelance Writer (music, movie reviews, other web content)
[] Photographer
[] Other:


What skills do you have that the station might find useful?

Please put down the hours you are available to host a show or attend meetings:

Tell us about yourself, your interests, your life, whatever:


Show Proposal for DJ Applicants:

[] Music
[] Talk
[] Other:

15 Track Sample Playlist:

7 topics you’ll discuss on air:

Any show features? Concert calendar, current affairs, spotlight bands, etc?


Your justification of why you’ll be a kick ass addition to Rainy Dawg?

Additional comments on Rainy Dawg?

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