Relaxing Reverb: Tulpa – True Looks (New Single)

TulpaIt’s thanksgiving week! That means travel (and lots of it). Hopefully the logistical nightmare that comes from coordinating with your families isn’t making you feel the love any less. I’ve found that, in my travels, your playlist makes all the difference.

If the music blaring through your music device’s headphones isn’t making you relaxed, it’ll plague your days in the airport, train stations, or car. My prescription to this disease: chillwave. Youtube music channels like The Relaxation Step, Majestic Casual, and Fluidified all provide extravagant amounts of tracks (old and new) that will make your mind fall into a happy state of relaxation.

Today’s example comes from The Relaxation Step’s curators. Pittsburgh producer and warm-vibe lover, Tülpa has provided a new addition to my ever-growing train-travel playlist. His newest song, “True Looks” employs syncopated synth and bass lines that allow the listener to delve deeply into the world within them. Check it out on Soundcloud below:

The music doesn’t stray far from the themes that are implemented in the beginning. A few hints at something greater include a high pass filter swaying in and out of focus along with a tremulous keyboard part which moves between the left and right speakers. Tülpa doesn’t mean to surprise or excite; rather, he exudes confidence in his simple chord progressions and slight alterations to the standard “chillwave” formula.

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. He is unbelievably thankful to his supporters on all of his social media. Plus, everything he releases is free! All in all, it seems like he’s just a really nice guy (who can make some lovely lullabies).

-DJ Desman

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