New Music: David Lynch – I’m Waiting Here (feat. Lykke Li)


Hey, do you like fog?  Do you like a small metal bridge beside some damp woods?  Do you like a woman in a white dress moving from side to side with a fake microphone in her hand, crooning in the distance on this bridge?  Yes, of course.  Lykke Li is that woman on the bridge and David Lynch is the fog or something.  Anyway, they’ve collaborated together on a bonus track to accompany Lynch’s new album The Big Dream.  The song is called I’m Waiting Here and it’s a sad doo-wop song, akin to a lot of songs on Lynch’s beloved television series Twin Peaks.  It’s as if Lykke Li were Audrey, trapped in One-Eyed Jack’s, waiting for Agent Dale Cooper.


The old man has planted a seed in our hearts.  He continues to produce his wonderfully surreal vision of the world for the rest of us—the hungry masses—to consume.  Cheers to you David Lynch and to you Lykke Li.  You are great.

Check out his new album, out July 16!


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