Rips and Remixes: YACHT – Second Summer (RAC Mix)


When I first heard “Second Summer” by YACHT, I didn’t know how to feel. The lyrics were as catchy as any other YACHTROCK hit, but something was lacking. The incessant beat seemed to overtake the importance of the vocal melody. The Portland, OR based, YACHT, has been producing music for over ten years now and their contributions among their multitude of labels stem from a focus on dissonance and memorability.

Chronic rehash-er, RAC, dissects the harsh elements that YACHT has desperately tried to build up over the years. Mellow synths and warm vibes fill the track. The vocals remain the main focus of the track, like before, but their meaning isn’t subjected to the fantastical elements of the sounds underneath. RAC’s version of the track devolves the experimental nature of “Second Summer” into a pool party jam.

If you feel like soaking up some summer vibes, check out the remix below:

The original (and somewhat eclectic) video has been embedded as well, in case you were wondering what the mind of two Portland lunatics looks like:


-DJ Desman

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