Album Preview: Airhead’s “For Years”


London producer Airhead, signed to R&S Records beside the likes of Blawan and Vondelpark is set to release his debut album on June 10th.  His music’s often compared to his label mate James Blake; relevant considering the past the two have shared.  Appearing together on Mary Ann Hobbes’ Radio1 show back in 2009 and releasing two collaborative songs on the Pembroke single.  Airhead, however, shouldn’t be defined entirely by this history as he has promise of his own independent of any connections he has.  To prepare us for his album “For Years,” he’s released the track “Autumn”, a sweet little track with guitar and humming vocals that wind and twist through the song into its climax.  The song is irrevocably lodged in a scene of a wood in autumn, rife with the things of folklore and forest nymphs.

You can’t pre-order the album yet in the US, but be sure to keep an eye out.


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