Track Review: Rustie – “Slasherr”

Rustie’s latest release “Slasherr” is one of a double single release from the label Numbers.  Numbers has some of the best EDM players in the game including TNGHT, but also keep it diverse with likes of Jamie XX and Deaboy.  This is the first release Rustie has on Numbers, and this first track is nothing short of his classic trap flare with a little bit of everything else mixed in.


The track starts off with some high hats and a clapping rhythm that carries into a breakdown of bass and vocals on repeat all paired with some classic synth.  The track goes all over the place instrumentally and truly sticks to Rustie’s nature of build-ups and breakdowns with a overall smooth groove.  This dance track from Rustie is the first official release from him in a couple of years, and it’s nice to have him back.


Be sure to check out Rustie’s essential mix which is known as one of best essential mixes considering its diversity in music and the cleanliness of Rustie’s mixing.  Purchase the vinyl here and also be sure to keep an eye on Rustie because this next release is sure to blow up!

-Johnny Howe

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