New Music: Cough Cool’s “Intro to Regret”


Quickly rising to the top of the mountain of shoegaze artists I love, Dan Svizeny, or Cough Cool, has wooed and lulled me with his new song “Intro to Regret”, to be released with his upcoming album “29”.  With gorgeously crafted lyrics that will ring true to those with a home town filled with moments and regrets, Cough Cool turns the mood knob down a bit, but in the best way possible.  The song is a heartbreaking crawl of a song and it’s brutally beautiful.

Cough Cool is from Philly, releases his stuff on Bathetic Records, and “want[s] to hang out with everyone all the time.”  That’s good that you say that, man, ‘cause we all want to hang with you.

Sit on your porch and listen to this.  Look out for his approaching album, it’ll be a ride.

-Aidan Quinlan

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