Album Preview: Doldrums’ “Lesser Evil”

doldrums - lesserevil

The Oxford English Dictionary defines doldrums as “a condition of dullness or drowsiness; dumps, low spirits, depression”.  This isn’t too far off the mark for the music produced by Airick Woodhead or Doldrums, resident of Montréal and a friend of Grimes, except that it’s less depressing and more drowsy temple noise.  His sound is grim and distorted, offering abstract or mythological scenes to the imagination.  This is the kind of music I imagine ancient Greeks would compose, had they been given computers and drum machines.

Allegedly, “Lesser Evil” has already released in Europe, but I see little waves produced and am hesitant to believe this (for whatever reason).  Anyways, we’re due to receive it on February 26th in North America, and so far the two released tracks I’ve heard are killer.  Especially “Golden Calf”, that song channels something animalistic within me.  Perhaps it’s the tribal percussion that echoes along the walls of an endless labyrinth; I’m stuck here in your maze Doldrums, but I’m alright with that.

You can pre-order the album here.

He’ll be swinging through Seattle to play at the Barboza on March 26th, so be sure to check that out (if your age extends beyond the twenty-one limit).  Here’s the tickets.

-Aidan Quinlan

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