Music Video: Rhye – Open (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Ryan Hemsworth, a producer out of Canada just released a remix of Rhye’s title track off her latest album “Open”.  Many remixes have surfaced from this release, but Hemsworth even has a video to go along with it.  The video is double exposed and layers a liquid/smokey substance over psychedelic visuals, pretty trippy mane.  Hemsworth take on the song is perfectly captured in the video, providing both slow moving visuals over an ever changing background, very similar to the make up of the remix.

Not to discount the other remixes of “Open”, but Hemsworth captures the seriousness of the original song while also simultaneously providing his heavy bass tones and integrating the vocals so smoothly.  These hazy tones are unbeatable when matched with Rhye’s beautiful vocals.  The original video is also amazing and can be seen here, depicting various sexual encounters between couples.  Enjoy both videos and be sure to check out Ryan Hemsworth’s SoundCloud  for more goodies!


-Johnny Howe

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