Show Preview: Mouse On Mars @ Neumo’s 02/20/13


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Mouse On Mars w/ Matmos @ Neumos, Feb. 20th, 8pm

Holy. Crap. Y’all. If this show was a science project, they’d have to stage it at Los Alamos, call it Operation Holy Crap Y’all, and stuff attendees into leaden jumpsuits. Because Mouse On Mars and Matmos are respectively the two most unstable, irreducible elements of leftfield electronica in the past two decades. When they collide at Neumos on February 20th, it’s gonna be—wait for it—the bomb.

Both outfits share maximalist tendencies pitch everything on a track to cosmic WTF-inducing frequencies. Mouse on Mars’s lineage is distinctly German: somewhat kosmische, otherwise bearing on the ironic dystopian krauthouse techno pioneered by Kraftwerk, and upholding that neu-Berlin bounce embodied by Modeselektor. In fact, Mouse on Mars is coming to Seattle is in support of two new-born LPs, both dropped last year on Modeselektor’s own Monkeytown Records. Both are thick slabs of funky-juiced madness, glitched and blended to a stiff-hitting froth. Some have even detected the inebriated off-beat influence of Flying Lotus. Word is that Mouse on Mars will be playing off software they built-in house for those albums at this very show.

And, speaking of unique audio alchemy: Matmos have been known to shave and spank audience members for live sound sources. They coughed up a super weird preparatory EP last October, and are due for their first solo LP in five years, The Marriage of True Minds. Thrill Jockey will put out this hotly anticipated reconsolidation on February 19th, just 24 hours before they take on Neumos. Meanwhile, we’ll spare the litany of their academic credentials (just two: guest lecturing at Harvard and a lit PhD from Berkley), and their mindbogglingly prestigious collaborations (Terry Riley, Björk). Let’s skip dropping any more names that intractably certify their multi-scene entrenched cred, and acknowledge simply that they’re the only group in America with the gear, discography, and imagination to fuck up samples all night with the like-minded tech-whiz magicians, Mouse on Mars.

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Stream two of our fav tracks here:

Mouse On Mars – Polaroyced

Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles

words by Tal.

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