Video: One Got Fat

In an act of national child traumatization in 1963, Interlude Films released the bizarre and mildly sadistic PSA entitled One Got Fat. Disturbing children so deeply that they would never set foot near a bicycle (or a monkey) again seemed to be the name of the game. A small pack of horrifyingly monkey-masked children give their lunches to the only child with an actual human head. They then proceed to innocently ride to a local park to enjoy a picnic. And they get mowed down by steamrollers and trucks along the way. Rather than stopping to help any of their fallen comrades, the group soldiers on, forgetting to signal with reckless abandon and getting crushed to death. In the end, the only remaining character not squished into pavement is the basket-wielding human-faced child who, still apathetic to the grizzly demise of his simian friends, devours their lunches in one sitting during a solitary picnic conspicuously devoid of any other living people.

How is this related to music? Through music videos. This little shocker has popped up in a small myriad of music videos. And I have no idea why. Boards of Canada, Weekend Wolves, and Cults have all used samples of this film to accompany their videos.


-Bobby Cockrell

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