Album Review: Perfect Hair Forever’s “MALL-O-CAUST”

New Zealand garage rocker Perfect Hair Forever released his album MALL-O-CAUST at the close of last year, but it’s not so well known, so I thought I’d let y’all in on this tasty little surf punk nugget.  Mmm.

Right now, this guy’s on his own, but it sounds like he might start doing live shows and the like, if it all pans out that way.  Not too much is really known about the dude, either, as he has kept his identity unknown to his fans.  The few interviews out there reveal parts of his character; nothing glaringly out of the ordinary for a surf punk artist, but he sounds like a modest dude, which is cool.

Youthful, carefree lyrics litter the entire album.  This is no detriment, though, because who wants serious garage punk?  The album is sure to lift that slimy veil of seasonal affective disorder from your cold, shivering body.  Heavy distorted guitar riffs, characteristic of the surf punk genre, vibrate seamlessly through the set.  Though, I will say that while Perfect Hair Forever doesn’t really do anything new with his particular vein of music, he does what he’s supposed to do well, and it’s impossible to resist the good feelings a nicely done surf rock album can instill in you.

Leave your darkened den and plug this album into some headphones and roam the great outdoors.  Regardless of the weather, I’m sure some sun will poke through with this dude thrashing in your ears.  Skip coffee, because this stuff’s quick enough to have you bouncing down the block.

Catch a wave, do an ollie, make your hand into that metal symbol, push down a mall cop, grow your hair out and dye it blonde.


-Aidan Quinlan

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