New Track: Bonobo’s “Cirrus”

Simon Green, better known as Bonobo just posted a new groovy track  “Cirrus” accompanied with an official video on his website.  This new track is from an album set to debut the first of April, and is already available for preorder.  It’s been nearly three years since Bonobo has released a new album, his latest being Black Sands (which fucking ruled in my opinion).


This new track is a complex mixture of drums and chimes per usual of Bonobo.  Accompanied with this video though, a whole other side of Bonobo comes out, specifically a less naturey vibe.  The video is of ads and family times circa 1950 with nuclear families doing daily tasks.   The images then become a mesh of animations that are remixed and ultimately turned into a kaleidoscopic working machine.  Cyriak who made the video is not new to music videos or beautiful animations, having made music videos for Flying Lotus and others.  Check out their blog for more viewing pleasure and sweet tunes.

Preorder the album at and keep in mind that Bonobo will be in Seattle at Showbox at the Market on May 1st, won’t want to miss that.


-Johnny Howe

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