Album Review: M’other Brain

Named after Samus Aran, the Metroid video game bounty hunter who hunts space pirates, Sammus is a rapper that I never thought I would find. Deviating from the normal underground rapper profile, Sammus is a Cornell graduate, an ex-video game producer and ex-math teacher currently pursuing her PhD. M’other Brain is a 13-track album that is entirely produced by Sammus. Her heavily compressed beats combined with her clever word play and smooth flow make the entire album incredibly enjoyable to listen to, especially with all of her video game, Kanye, and Jay-Z references.

One of my favorite tracks on this album is “America,” in which Sammus comments on the perception of blacks in the US and references the Trayvon Martin shooting with the chorus lines “got your hoodie on/They wanna stare at ya/They think you’re fully armed black in America.” Her song “Games and Cartoons” is a comical track rapping of her love for video games, stating that she waits all day at work to come home to eat her milk and cereal and “chill with [her] video games.” Another one of my favorite tracks is called “Kanye West,” one of her and my own personal favorite rappers. The first half of the song is Sammus embodying the Kanye West spirit, while the second half is Sammus realizing that although she appreciates all that Yeezy taught her, she still has to be herself.

What I like most about this album is that the tracks come together cohesively while still maintaining unique melodies and lyrical content for each track. Like her namesake, M’other Brain is about Sammus’ s battles and journeys through the different levels of her life. So blast this album and share with your friends, because this girl needs to be heard.

Listen here:


-Elika Berlin

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