Last Week in Jazz History: Austin Peralta – Rest in Peace

Wednesday of last week, Jazz pianist and composer Austin Peralta passed away. The cause of death has not yet been announced.

Austin Peralta was a technically adroit improviser with a bend toward post-bop and expansive modal jazz. Born in Los Angeles, California, Peralta was the son of noted skateboarder and filmmaker Stacy Peralta. A piano prodigy, Peralta began taking piano lessons at age six and later studied with such luminaries as jazz pianist Alan Pasqua and saxophonist Buddy Collette. In 2006, at age 16, he released his debut album, Maiden Voyage, featuring bassist Ron Carter. Also that same year, he released the album Mantra with bassist Buster Williams, saxophonist Marcus Strickland, and others.

Recently, Peralta burst into the limelight for his collaboration with, labelmate, Flying Lotus on the album, “Until Quiet Comes.” This fame led him to become the primary artist in The Cinematic Orchestra.

The news of Peralta’s death came as a shock to his friends and family as aptly put by his friend, Flying Lotus:

Although Peralta suffered from an untimely death, his impact on current music will continue for many years. The album, “The Cinematic Orchestra Presents: In Motion #1” is full of music that will linger in the background of coffee shops, restaurants, and films for years to come. Austin Peralta’s genius will surely be missed.

-DJ Desman

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