11/24: Reignwolf at the Neptune Review

“I was never afraid of Seattle, it just took me a little while to get here”

However long it took, Reignwolf has made his mark on Seattle. His show last Saturday at the Neptune was sold out, packed full of Seattleites who were ready to get their “face melted off” (a large number of tweets and Facebook posts seemed to have this sort of phrase).

Reignwolf walked on stage in a black peacoat and hat, soon to drench them is bad-assness. He did not wait for anyone, but entered shredding on his guitar. When he began to play, the audience entered a new world. Standing frozen in awe, each note that wailed over the crowd slowly melted the audience into a rocking bluesy head bopping rhythm. Once the audience has been fully thawed, he breaks right in to Electric Love, probably his most popular song, his KEXP youtube video hitting 18,000+ views.

Highlights of the evening include his cover of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, for which he plays his electric mandolin, and sings with his deep rich vocals that make your bones shiver. Other moments include Reignwolf and his brother both on bass with their drummer, an epic trio. And the staple, when Reignwolf takes the stage on his own, climbing out in to the audience, on top of people, or stumbles his way to the drum kit for a one-man-band moment.

When this show was announced earlier in the fall, it was said to be his album release show, but rumors of the new album slowly faded away as November 24 approached. At the show, mid set, Reignwolf addressed the album, explaining how they have the opportunity to tour on the East Coast this winter and how busy they have been in Seattle (and boy has he- check the concert preview for what Reignwolf has been up to). He didn’t dwell on the fact though, ending the topic with, “Let’s play some music right now”. Reignwolf stays in the moment where he is. Thats what makes his performances so enchanting.

The Grizzled Mighty and The Young Evils held their own, warming up the crowd. They each brought a different sound, Grizzeld Mighty smashing and crashing drums and guitar, and The Young Evils playing around with their “sinister pop”.

Keep an eye out for Reignwolf, and that album that is yet to be released.

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