The Round 90: Musical Collaboration

Explaining an experience at Fremont Abbey’s The Round is such a difficult task. I’ll send you along with the highlights, but recommend reading the preview explaining how the night works.

Three major highlights of the night, all very different. First up was Matt and Mikey (Curtains for You) playing their song Photographic Memory. A simply sweet song, the boys delved in to how and why it was written, illuminating on the idea of what it would be like to have Alzheimer’s. The harmonies carried the song, with acoustic and electric guitars backing them up. Here comes the great part. During the song (and the entire evening) Shenandoah Davis backed them up on the grand piano, Chris Cunningham (Ravenna Woods) played on percussion, and Emily Ann Peterson (Goldfinch) made a guest appearance on cello, accompanying all the songs adding a deep, dynamic sound. Full percussion supported all the musicians.

What began as three separate musicians on stage morphed in to a new musical support group, adding personal touches to original songs. Familiar songs from the artists took on new definition, creating a very interesting and unique performance.

Personal geek-out: Sean Nelson, Harvey Danger frontman, joined Shenandoah Davis for a few songs (rumor has it they are dating). If you’ve never heard him, his voice has a clear, high sound, and although fronted an indie band, clearly has impressive vocal skills. It made for an extra special collaboration, defining a very special night.

Elizabeth Schiffler

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